Growth is a common goal almost every organization works for. We do business for growth and nobody likes to run a business incurring loss every time. We should accept that both profit and loss are part of any business like success/failure. This is universal truth and we can marginalize the impact of a failure when we understand the causes and work on that to overcome. When i talk of loss i mean less profit and not a complete loss.

I’ve asked this question several times to my own and others among my contacts. What is the need of a goal? During my school days, i was often asked (by my elders) what my aim in life is. All/most of us could have similar experience in their childhood. Few of my friends told me their experience what they replied. Their aim was to become a doctor, an engineer and to gain all such positions well recognized in the society. Let’s think where they learn all that at an early age of 10/12 years. Frankly speaking, i had no knowledge of what a doctor or an engineer is at that age. How many of us truly understand this? So, for me it’s all went in vein without a correct understanding. It’s our society (we create) that feeds our mind what we should become to gain financial freedom and social recognition. Any deviation to the original track is not acceptable and you should study hard (from now) to realize your career goals.

By goals people usually think of their company in general. You can have your personal goals too. I got much information and our little younger generation have a different view. They feel goals are optional and have no relation with our work. They will say like… We have been hired for work and getting paid for that. Goals are not important and all that is important to us is our work and salary. It is their understanding and without a complete understanding. Goals can actually reward us. Pre-set goals can help us travel our road better. They will help us a guide constantly reminding us what we have planned and where we are now in the journey.

There are few obstacles that prevent us realize our common goals (like to achieve expected profit margin). It’s not always lack of good talent/expertize. There can be many other factors associated. I did some analysis (to my capacity and understanding) looking at present standards and processes. What i understood from my analysis, we need a strong value chain to realize (and carry forward) our common goals aligned with the vision and values of our organization.

I understand we can’t achieve more without clear goals in mind. So, there is a need for setting goals. There are several factors that prompt me to think of various goals and what we can achieve in long run by setting and working on our goals. The most important factor is not really because it’s a mandatory need from every employee. We do that but it’s not really the biggest motivational factor. I am a social worker and i always think keeping the need of our society in mind. This is the challenge and opportunity for me. i was thinking of goals that will help us overcome all obstacles on the way to realize our common organizational goals. One such goal could be to develop a better society. This is the base motivational factor behind my goal setting.

After all the research and discussion, I’ve decide to come up with goals (with clear objectives) that will help us realize our vision and values across all levels of our organization and society in turn. The foundation of all my goals will be to make our value chain more strong. Though all are my personal thoughts, i strongly believe they are in-line with our company objectives and will help us realize our goals in long run.

What are your goals and objectives? Share your thoughts to help me learn better in my goal setting process.

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A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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