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Don’t blame yourself for anything happening around you perceive to be wrong. Even you don’t need to worry too much about all wrong doings caused primarily because of you. You may not be the reason and a great probability of some higher force involved guiding you to perform certain act at any point of need. The force is unknown to you and so as the need.

You are just a medium. You can only play the role to your best ability as per the limitations set for you by this much greater force.

You can never know your best ability as you are not fully aware of these limitations. You have complete freedom but the limitations are not set by you.

There is always something we can do better about anything. So we should accept ourselves for all that we are doing good and for the rest that went wrong as nobody is a perfect human being.

There is nothing like perfectly right or wrong about something. We can only do better to our current performance on our next opportunity if we learn from our strengths and weaknesses. Our past performance is a psychological booster but not necessarily a determining factor for our future performance.

It’s important to set ourselves free and be in a positive mindset before we plan to do something good. Why should I limit myself when I am not the controller and not aware of all the limitations?

It’s better to assume we are limitless and having unlimited control. This will make us free from any unknown fear and will give us complete freedom to think and act on our own.

I expect you to do better to all that you are doing good now. Write to me all that I can do better I am not doing very good now.

Happy reading & writing…