On world no tobacco day let’s take a pledge : “we will not use any tobacco product ourselves and will generate awareness among others in our community”

It’s quite a sensitive issue when children are exposed to such products in their school days. They follow elders and we can’t blame if we a find a teenager smoking. I have seen small to big signboards and banners at many places with a clear message in block letters. But who cares these ‘no smoking’ warnings. One such board is there in my compound I stay currently. Our colony has several families with school going children. It’s quite harsh to see elders not caring much for the need of others. I don’t know if they don’t understand the need or do not want to understand.

Few public places are no different including our railway compartments. I am sorry to reveal this truth but I have observed this in recent past. It’s not the incompetency of our railway department and they take necessary steps. But it’s a difficult matter to control everything without visit people support in a country with such big population. Another issue is our corrupt mind. Your words has no value and can’t make any difference if you ask somebody to stop smoking sitting besides you when the train ticket collector is well aware but acts as a passerby. Whom do you fear to stop smoking?

Few people have a very narrow mindset. They have creates a group and they think it’s their society. They will not be well respected in their high class society if they stop drinking and smoking. So, it’s a status symbol for them. We need to come quickly out of this close confinement of our mind. This will be possible when we start thinking about others.

Beginning of any change starts with self only. We all know the harmful effects of tobacco products on our health. A passive smoker is as prone to illness as an active smoker. It’s not enough to circulate statutory warnings like ‘consumption of tobacco is injurious to health’.

Any display of such products contain this kind of warning messages as we can find in movies. Does this really help generate awareness among people to quit smoking? I don’t believe so. It’s like asking people to do something at their own risk. Do they understand their habit puts others at risk in their community including their immediate family members?  Everyone exposed to risk when their environment is polluted. Most people think like it’s their personal  matter but it’s not I’m reality. We need to make sure people are denied use of these products.

It’s a big industry worldwide and generates great monetary profit for people in this business. But no business can be termed good at the cost of people and society even though that generates employment for few. Any addiction is bad. Money is not everything in business. We need to think and find all sources of ethical business.

Once we decide to ban all such products and close down all running factories, we need to find some other mode of employment for people working in these industries. Once the working class properly reinstated, stringent decision need to be made at government level with all guidelines including the dare consequences for violators.

By writing all this, I have no intention to hurt the feelings of my friends and acquaintances (who currently have a great love and passion for smoking/drinking). I earnestly seek your support and attention to these issues. Be a volunteer for your locality and try to bring the much needed change.

I wish all have a great time forever by taking the right action now to build a great future for all. Do share your thoughts what can be done better to completely eradicate usage of these products.

Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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