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It’s originally published by me here six years back on the same day. I think it’s even relevant today and I should revisit the same again on this great day.

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Happy world environment day!

B +Ve !!

Our environment is a topic of general concern and i have many thoughts coming to mind today on the occasion of world environment day. When i am looking at a great future for all living species, it can’t be without a safe environment.


We celebrate world environment day on 5th June and the day of biodiversity on 22nd May every year. Our environment has a big picture. It’s not limited to our surrounding like our workplace or home. It’s the world as a whole. Why i say the whole world is because one place is not independent of the other when it comes to our environment. When we cause harm to nature at one place, it can affect some other place far away. It’s because of imbalance. Rapid deforestation, industrial pollution and many such factors are all responsible for this imbalance. One major example is earthquake/tsunami that is caused…

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