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“202nd story”

A middle-aged man named Mr. Sabi lived in Adam’s neighborhood. Adam saw him almost every day.

Mr. Sabi was a quiet man, very polite, with a constant smile on his face.

Adam and his family always went to church on Sundays, and his best friend Ali prayed at the mosque every Friday, there were many other religions in the neighborhood and everyone had a special place to pray and meet God.

But Adam never saw Mr. Sabi participate in any of God’s house, not even his wife and children. But no one has seen or heard any bad thing about this family, they were good people.

Adam was always very curious and one time he dared to ask Mr. Sabi: “Don’t you like to go to God’s house, sometimes?”

Mr. Sabi smiled and said: “I’ve been in God’s house many times, and will keep going as much as…

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