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A Voice from Iran

“76th story”

First Published: Jan.31.2019

A university Professor was sharing an old memory with his class.


He said: “I was at a red light deep in my thoughts when I heard a long constant horn along with a sharp shout; ‘Hey foal-donkey, when are you going to move?’


The street was quiet with no traffic. At the next red light, our cars were side by side with the windows down.


I turned my head, smiled and said: ‘First of all, did you know foal is a young donkey. Secondly, you should have called me jackass or jack-donkey. If I’m a donkey, then you must be Solomon since you can talk to animals. And finally, I was deep into my thoughts and I am really sorry about that.’


The other man smiled back and said over and over again: ‘I am so sorry, there was no need to act the way…

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A Voice from Iran

“168th story”

Once upon a time,

a man was walking in a path and fell into a hole.

He shouted for help.

 A religious person was passing by and heard the man’s voice from the hole.

The religious person said: “You probably sinned, and now this happened to you as a payback. God wants you to confess your sins. I will sit here and pray for you.”

An educated person was passing by and went towards the voice. He measured the depth of the hole, checked the quality of the dirt, and started to think.

A journalist passed by and said: “So many things I have seen which were worst than your condition.”

A yoga instructor passed by and said: “This hole and the pain you are in are just in your mind, and you can clear your concentration and find peace.”

A doctor saw the crowd, went close, and…

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A Voice from Iran

“167th story”

Once upon a time;

a king had a loyal right-hand man. The right-hand man had a saying; “It was for a good reason.”

He used this saying on any matter or occasion.

One day the king and his right-hand man were exploring the mountains.

And suddenly, the king’s hand got stuck in a stony place. They tried very hard to release the king’s hand, but unfortunately, he lost one finger.

The right-hand man said: “It was probably for a good reason.”

The king was in pain and got very angry about the right-hand man’s stupid comment and ordered to put him in a dungeon.

One year passed, and the king went to the mountain for hunting. A tribe attacked him and took the king as a prisoner.

The tribe’s belief was to sacrifice a human once a year for their Gods.

But concerning their Gods, that person had…

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A Voice from Iran

“59th story”

First Published: Oct.04.2018

There once was a land of injustice. People had to obey religious rules even if it didn’t make any sense. They were not able to talk nor complain if they did they would be punished.


They were put in prison, whipped in public and tortured. The land of injustice was full of unhappy people.


A wise man was passing by the Injustice land and saw a young man getting whipped over and over again.


People of the town were forced to gather to watch and learn the lesson of how disobeying was painful and not worth trying.

The wise man went closer and asked the religious judge who sentenced the order: “May I ask what this young man did?”


The judge said: “He drank wine. Drinking wine is forbidden and whoever drinks wine will burn in hell and be punished on earth.”


The wise man…

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