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Balance is the real foundation of a blissful life. Let’s keep this always in mind and our present and future will remain bright“.

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Cheerfulness keeps up the spirit of the one who possesses it and brings a smile to the lips of others.



To forget our troubles we should remember God

Bliss is the happiness beyond the senses. Beyond the laughter, the merriment. Away from the sways of the joys I have known. Not lost in the gentle pulls of the winds, nor using the eyes to see that which lightens and brightens, not using the ears to be hypnotized by the musicale manifique, and not using the mouth to taste the sweetness of the first fruit of the season.

Rather, sitting alone with myself; quietly… silently… thoughts turned within. Listening to the sound of silence. Then, thoughts turned beyond the physical, in tune with the spiritual – the peaceful, the pure. Few thoughts….. the union with my Father, the blissful one; experiencing His peace being peaceful; experiencing His love-being loveful; experiencing His bliss-being blissful.