Global Handwashing Day – 15th October Global Handwashing Day is an international handwashing promotion campaign to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits. Washing hands at critical points during the day and washing with soap are both important. Global Handwashing Day was first celebrated on 15th October 2008 and observedContinue reading “GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY!”

#चार आश्रम #सनातन धर्म #संस्कृत श्लोक

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प्रथमेनार्जिता विद्या द्वितीयेनार्जितं धनं।तृतीयेनार्जितः कीर्तिः (पुण्य कमाना)चतुर्थे किं करिष्यति।। भावार्थ: जिसने भी प्रथम आश्रम (ब्रह्मचर्य) में विद्या अर्जित नहीं की है, द्वितीय आश्रम (गृहस्थ) में धन अर्जित नहीं किया है, तृतीय आश्रम (वानप्रस्थ) में कीर्ति अर्जित नहीं की है (पुण्य नहीं कमाया), वह चतुर्थ आश्रम (संन्यास) में क्या करेगा?…


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Today is the day for Girls. But please ask yourself, why it is getting celebrated? A few days ago there was Daughter’s Day, in January the National Girl child day for Indians is going to come. I don’t understand the point when we are so much aware that we need…


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Divine spacesin stirring soulsNebulae between starsFields between particlesBlackouts between dreamsCrackling, sparks between flamesAscent and descent between notesStillness between breathsI am somewhere betweentripping and risingUnfathomable sigh ~Inside spaces~Sigh unfathomableRising and trippingBetween somewhere am IBreaths between stillnessNotes between descent and ascentFlames between sparks, cracklingDreams between blackoutsParticles between fieldsStars between nebulaeSouls stirring inspaces…


National Postal Day – 10th October (India) In India, the National Postal Day is celebrated annually on 10th of October as an extension of World Post Day, which is celebrated on 9th October.  The Day aims to commemorate the role played by the Indian postal department since past 166 years, which was founded in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie. Have a great day!


World Mental Health Day – 10th October World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th of October every year. The goal of this day is to raise awareness on mental health issues around the world. Each of us has the social responsibility to make a contribution ensuring that people dealing with these issues can haveContinue reading “WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY”