Gita Chapter 2 Verse 39:
एषा तेऽभिहिता साङ्‍ख्ये बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु ।
बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि ॥2.39॥
हे पार्थ! यह बुद्धि तेरे लिए ज्ञानयोग के विषय में कही गई और अब तू इसको कर्मयोग के विषय में सुन- जिस बुद्धि से युक्त हुआ तू कर्मों के बंधन को भली-भाँति त्याग देगा अर्थात सर्वथा नष्ट कर डालेगा॥39॥
2.39 Thus far I have declared to you the knowledge of Atman. Now listen to the knowledge of yoga whereby one works without the focus on immediate result. Oh Arjuna, when you act with this knowledge of yoga, you can free yourself from the bondage of action.


Hey Paartha, Hey Arjuna, I have now told you earlier (up to the thirty-eighth verse) of logic and the path of enquiry by which you can come to a cool experience of equanimity and make the best of your life.

We all have this one common problem – our mind is so constantly torturing us that we are unable to keep our mind shut. And then what we do? Some of us go to chemical meditation. They will take drugs or pills or drinks. And when their mind is totally under the influence of those drugs, they start believing that, now I am feeling good. Means what? Now the thinking process is arrested. How long? – Till it is detoxified and excreted through the urine. Afterwards again the original process of thinking begins. How long are we going to suffer this? Therefore the first technique Lord has said, एषा तेऽभिहिता साङ्‍ख्ये बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु. Now take on a simple method how to live life. If you live your life by this technique, you are bound to end up with equanimity and peace. So what is the technique?

The technique is, live outside and attain peace inside. We know so many things about computer, about how the cinemas are made, what happens behind the screen, what is the share market, everything we know. But what is happening to us when we come in contact with the world, how the impressions are formed, how we become victims because of our own thoughts, is there any technique that we can help ourselves, is there any way that we can diagnose, now am I going wrong, stop and halt! – Are we able to know these? That we do not know. So, all unwanted things are known but the most important thing of how to live life scientifically, that is not known to us. And we imagine we are very intelligent people and we believe in freedom. This is not a freedom friend it is only a slavery. Normally, what we imagine, youngsters particularly, freedom means what? Allow me to do whatever I want. That is called as freedom. But we forget we are the slaves of our own mind. We are not able to understand this mind is making us dance. We should control the mind or the mind should control us?

The day you understand this principle that our activity in the outer world should ultimately lead to the creation of a beautiful inner world, the day we understand this, we have changed our lifestyle, scientifically perfect. And such a person can never have – 1 Regrets in life, 2 Failures in life; and 3 Frustrations in life. Those who do not have regrets, failures and frustrations in life, they alone have lived scientifically and fully every moment of their lives. So Lord says बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु – now, I will tell you a secret of how to live intelligently in this world.

The Lord says further, बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि – Once we have this understanding, here बुद्धि means understanding, once we have this understanding, with this understanding when we live your life, we will never be a failure, we will never be a frustrated person. All those who are frustrated are only because they have no understanding that is given over here in GITA.

To use a small machine or any gadget, we have to study the manual supplied along with the machine, then only we can use it properly. And, we are given this most wonderful machine, more sophisticated than the most powerful computer in the world. How much we have studied the manual? How much we know what are the functions that can be brought out from this divine machine? In the same manner, if we really mean business in life, let us be scientific. Find out how the eyes work, how the ears work, how the mind works, how we react, how we respond, what is the difference between reaction and response, what is the meaning of success and failure, what is the meaning of depression and going the wrong way, all these things are to be known.

Because there are thoughts in the mind, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. Thinking is a technically sound scientific process. Because there are thoughts, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. Like because there are vehicles on the road, that doesn’t mean it is traffic, it could be a traffic jam! In the same manner, the whole inner working of our personality has to be perfectly known. And once we know how the whole working goes on, then we see, we will be able to immediately assess. It is something like most of the drivers they know only how to ignite and start the car. Many of them they can drive the car only ahead. If they have to reverse it, they say no, we will take a U-Turn and come. Because; reversing is very difficult for them.

Now because there are thoughts, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. We have to learn that. And without learning that, our condition becomes like the driver who knows nothing except driving the car. And if there is a small little problem below the bonnet, he goes to the mechanic because he has never opened the bonnet and seen what are the things within. And the mechanic gets the things right.  The same things we do in our life, small little difficulties, and small little problems we go to psychiatrist.

It is very necessary for all of us that we know the working of our personality. So here the Lord says, बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ – if you have the technical know-how of the working of your own personality, कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि, you will function dynamically in this world and not suffer. Free from कर्म बंधन is this only.

We suffer because of our own actions nobody is responsible for our suffering. So if we understand this technique and we practice this technique, our life will become so beautiful, so simple.

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