Which one is important for our society?

They are all human emotions and can happen to anyone in their lifetime.

Which one should be guarded and taken care of to meet all social needs.

To find an answer we need to understand these emotions well first.

Web search gave me the following results.

Here i am sharing my personal thoughts on these basic emotions.

Love is an internally developed human emotion very strong and deep within. Once developed you can’t stay away from the other person. You will feel happy with their happiness. You are internally committed to do all good for the person. All your actions for your beloved will become selfless. You will never want to possess the person as your personal property. You can’t bind them under your own rules. You will set them free and help them realise true freedom.

While love is natural, lust develops through improper social conditioning when we get associated with wrong people in our life. It mostly starts germinating in the adolescent age. If not guided and corrected at an early stage, it may grow as an epidemic and take you in it’s control. Once it successfully spreads it roots within you and grows stronger, it’s very difficult to come out of it’s grip. It becomes an addiction. Once you are in the control of your lust it will always keep you away from realising your love as both walk in different directions. Sometimes people start with lust and end up with love. Love is so powerful once it takes you in control it will never allow lust to touch you.

With love you can’t use the person you are in love with. You can only think good about the person. No doubt will ever come to your mind. Love is sacred and divine. We can think of love as light and lust as darkness. Darkness is also powerful but it’s nothing compared to light. It cannot stay in the presence of light.

I will discuss more about these emotions here some other time.

Keep sharing with me your thoughts and help me develop more powerful ideas with your knowledge…

I want to listen you and your opinion before sharing more of mine.

Let’s open all areas of our vision and start thinking…

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