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Building awareness for social equilibrium…

To achieve the success in any field plz do hardwork 👍👍

Hey guys today world the killing the girl child is increasing day by day because everyone is our society need boy childonly.

Because in our country some people want boy child. They think the boy child fulfilled the family. In cases of girls child they think burden on him. For ex:- People often have a belief that a girl is liability and boy is an asset.

They also provide better nutrition and medical care for boys than girls, and indulge in a host of other practices that discriminate against girls. Even in this day and age, families openly celebrate the birth of a son, while the birth of a daughter is not always greeted in the same manner.

People views in the old age the sons take care the parents. In many cases the boy send they parents to old age homes also. Instead after the marriage of daughter go…

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