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Welcome move by government of India as union cabinet approved national education policy 2020 today. It’s a big step and I believe it will radically change the way children learn beginning with their primary education.

This developmental approach towards education will bring social reform and equanimity. It gives more emphasis on indivisual skills. Our present and future generations will be immensely benefitted and better equipped to tackle any challenge.


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12 thoughts on “REFORMS IN EDUCATION

  1. Debasis, thank you for posting information about education in India. The reforms sound good to me. All the best, Cheryl, retired teacher.

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  2. Good move, especially the entry/exit options during the graduation period.Many students opt for courses without interest due to the family pressure or based on job scopes/placements only to realize that they have messed up their career after 1-2 years.It is difficult to leave the course in between as it results in wastage of time.Result is that we have a graduate without any knowledge or interest about the field.Some of them often move to different fields after graduation.

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  3. From the teacher perspective, how might these changes prove successful in attracting more university students to choose education as a career. Will their pay scale rise accordingly?

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  4. I’ve never heard of this policy before, but I’m glad the government has finally decided to reform itself a bit. I’m so glad to see some changes in the education system.

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    • Yes, it’s a new pattern in our traditional education system. Once implemented the schooling and higher education of students going to observe significant changes that will benefit all. It will provide value based education emphasising the mother tongue which will help overall development of children. I firmly believe education should help all realise their goals in life rather than provide them certificates required to get a descent job for their livelihood.

      Thank you for sharing your comments!

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  5. Yes I also feel it would be a good policy for future India.

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