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Gita Chapter 2 Verse 39:
एषा तेऽभिहिता साङ्‍ख्ये बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु ।
बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि ॥2.39॥
हे पार्थ! यह बुद्धि तेरे लिए ज्ञानयोग के विषय में कही गई और अब तू इसको कर्मयोग के विषय में सुन- जिस बुद्धि से युक्त हुआ तू कर्मों के बंधन को भली-भाँति त्याग देगा अर्थात सर्वथा नष्ट कर डालेगा॥39॥
2.39 Thus far I have declared to you the knowledge of Atman. Now listen to the knowledge of yoga whereby one works without the focus on immediate result. Oh Arjuna, when you act with this knowledge of yoga, you can free yourself from the bondage of action.


Hey Paartha, Hey Arjuna, I have now told you earlier (up to the thirty-eighth verse) of logic and the path of enquiry by which you can come to a cool experience of equanimity and make the best of your life.

We all have this one common problem – our mind is so constantly torturing us that we are unable to keep our mind shut. And then what we do? Some of us go to chemical meditation. They will take drugs or pills or drinks. And when their mind is totally under the influence of those drugs, they start believing that, now I am feeling good. Means what? Now the thinking process is arrested. How long? – Till it is detoxified and excreted through the urine. Afterwards again the original process of thinking begins. How long are we going to suffer this? Therefore the first technique Lord has said, एषा तेऽभिहिता साङ्‍ख्ये बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु. Now take on a simple method how to live life. If you live your life by this technique, you are bound to end up with equanimity and peace. So what is the technique?

The technique is, live outside and attain peace inside. We know so many things about computer, about how the cinemas are made, what happens behind the screen, what is the share market, everything we know. But what is happening to us when we come in contact with the world, how the impressions are formed, how we become victims because of our own thoughts, is there any technique that we can help ourselves, is there any way that we can diagnose, now am I going wrong, stop and halt! – Are we able to know these? That we do not know. So, all unwanted things are known but the most important thing of how to live life scientifically, that is not known to us. And we imagine we are very intelligent people and we believe in freedom. This is not a freedom friend it is only a slavery. Normally, what we imagine, youngsters particularly, freedom means what? Allow me to do whatever I want. That is called as freedom. But we forget we are the slaves of our own mind. We are not able to understand this mind is making us dance. We should control the mind or the mind should control us?

The day you understand this principle that our activity in the outer world should ultimately lead to the creation of a beautiful inner world, the day we understand this, we have changed our lifestyle, scientifically perfect. And such a person can never have – 1 Regrets in life, 2 Failures in life; and 3 Frustrations in life. Those who do not have regrets, failures and frustrations in life, they alone have lived scientifically and fully every moment of their lives. So Lord says बुद्धिर्योगे त्विमां श्रृणु – now, I will tell you a secret of how to live intelligently in this world.

The Lord says further, बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि – Once we have this understanding, here बुद्धि means understanding, once we have this understanding, with this understanding when we live your life, we will never be a failure, we will never be a frustrated person. All those who are frustrated are only because they have no understanding that is given over here in GITA.

To use a small machine or any gadget, we have to study the manual supplied along with the machine, then only we can use it properly. And, we are given this most wonderful machine, more sophisticated than the most powerful computer in the world. How much we have studied the manual? How much we know what are the functions that can be brought out from this divine machine? In the same manner, if we really mean business in life, let us be scientific. Find out how the eyes work, how the ears work, how the mind works, how we react, how we respond, what is the difference between reaction and response, what is the meaning of success and failure, what is the meaning of depression and going the wrong way, all these things are to be known.

Because there are thoughts in the mind, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. Thinking is a technically sound scientific process. Because there are thoughts, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. Like because there are vehicles on the road, that doesn’t mean it is traffic, it could be a traffic jam! In the same manner, the whole inner working of our personality has to be perfectly known. And once we know how the whole working goes on, then we see, we will be able to immediately assess. It is something like most of the drivers they know only how to ignite and start the car. Many of them they can drive the car only ahead. If they have to reverse it, they say no, we will take a U-Turn and come. Because; reversing is very difficult for them.

Now because there are thoughts, that doesn’t mean we are thinking. We have to learn that. And without learning that, our condition becomes like the driver who knows nothing except driving the car. And if there is a small little problem below the bonnet, he goes to the mechanic because he has never opened the bonnet and seen what are the things within. And the mechanic gets the things right.  The same things we do in our life, small little difficulties, and small little problems we go to psychiatrist.

It is very necessary for all of us that we know the working of our personality. So here the Lord says, बुद्ध्‌या युक्तो यया पार्थ – if you have the technical know-how of the working of your own personality, कर्मबन्धं प्रहास्यसि, you will function dynamically in this world and not suffer. Free from कर्म बंधन is this only.

We suffer because of our own actions nobody is responsible for our suffering. So if we understand this technique and we practice this technique, our life will become so beautiful, so simple.


You should not be. It wastes a lot of our time and energy. Doing this you will cause too much harm to your own soul and why should we for no fault of ours. It may have adverse impact on your dear ones as souls are interconnected and can know about each other. They have no boundary.

I want you to ask yourself this question.  You can easily get the answer from your heart. If your answer is yes, you need therapy and some fresh air. Don’t take sleeping pills. I don’t want you to visit a psychotherapist for this; rather it’s more important to discover it yourself to derive good results that can last longer. We need to forgive ourselves quickly if we have caused anything wrong for any reason. Only a happy mind can think and do good for people.

Depression and solitude can cause anger in us. We get irritated at others on little provocation. While solitude is required at times for self discovery, at this state you need a company of like minded friends to guide you in right direction. Mingle with friends and family to change your mood and never stay alone for a long period. Choose your friends wisely. A good friend is like a treasure for you than hundred wrong people. If you don’t find any at this point of time when you need it the most  you may choose to find a good book and start reading. There are many on self help and motivation series. Make sure you spend time with good literature and avoid all polluted literature.

There are few more areas to explore in life. We often feel depressed and angry when we are unable to fulfill all our wishes. We always compare ourselves with others and create two groups – the haves and the have nots. This never ending desire can make you worried and angry. Put a pause on your thoughts, do an introspection, do some consultation if necessary and start again. This can bring all positivity to your life and can help you grow as a person improving your positive attitude towards life.

Your life is precious. I haven’t seen my past life and don’t know about my next life. So, why worry about things of the past and the unknown future. All I know I am born to do all good things in the world in this life only. We are all here for a very limited period. So we need to live in our present and share joy everywhere. We can’t change our past but we always can try and do the right things in our present. This will definitely help us build a bright future. I am not getting philosophical but we always can think and do something about it.

Don’t stop living for any reason like worrying too much about the future of your loved ones. It’s cruelty to your own soul. You can’t change everything in this world and I don’t understand why should we try that even. Just think about the creator of the universe. Don’t worry about things beyond your control. Play your role and leave the rest to God. We can think like this. The desirable change should start from me. I am the master of my own soul and can guide it do well.

Sharing a beautiful poem by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

“Go not to the temple “~ Rabindranath Tagore

Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God,
First fill your own house with the Fragrance of love and kindness.

Go not to the temple to light candles before the altar of God,
First remove the darkness of sin , pride and ego, from your heart…

Go not to the temple to bow down your head in prayer,
First learn to bow in humility before your fellowmen.
And apologise to those you have wronged.

Go not to the temple to pray on bent knees,
First bend down to lift someone who is down-trodden.
And strengthen the young ones.
Not crush them.

Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness for your sins,
First forgive from your heart those who have hurt you!

Happy reading, writing, speaking and doing all you love to do!

Wish you all a great future!!



Forgot chemistry.
Need to activate, regenerate and relink…


The lack of proper sleep can have an overwhelmingly negative effect your mental health, physical health, productivity and overall quality of life. The Art of Going to Bed celebrates simple steps fo…

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A request to readers: My blog always talks about all positive aspects of life. Please don’t get surprised at all if you find all negative thoughts coined together in the following post. It has a purpose. It’s unbearable to me as well while writing this. Please bear with me.
We never know when the almighty will shower blessing on us.

A seeker asking GOD:

What do you want from me? I don’t understand your expectations. First of all tell me why did you bring me on this earth. What is the purpose behind your creation?

I am quite confused. You have chosen me to fight the war of righteousness. But am I the right person? Don’t you feel you failed in correct evaluation choosing the right person?

I need to know correct solution to my problems that was created because of my bad karma. I am feeling like a criminal now. The situation is little different and beyond my understanding.
I am myself unable to figure out whether I am innocent or guilty.
My past karma still following me.

I feel like my action and expression have caused a lot of harm to emotions of people. All that happened without my full consciousness and a long time passed now. But crime is a crime whether committed intentionally or by chance. What was an act of drama for me proved fatal to others. I am guilty and don’t want to hide myself anymore.
They are no more available to me now and I can’t say sorry.

I am taking this burden on me and spending sleepless nights. I am unable to escape myself any longer. I can’t go to past and make a correction. We are all leaders and it’s our duty to understand wishes and aspirations of our people. Why did I fail here?

To my understanding all that happened because of lack of proper communication and without my true knowledge of the self. I could have reached out to people in time and solve all issues. Instead I chose to escape myself without much thought about others. The process caused issues grew bigger over time and I am feeling helpless now.

Have I caused harm to many souls to fulfill my ego? I wouldn’t have felt much worried causing harm to a body accepting myself as a human being who can make mistakes. Our body is ever growing and changing but soul is formless. How can I forgive myself after causing so much harm to a soul making it thoughtless, speechless and inactive unable to take a decision? The soul suffered for years because of my weakness. I have committed the deadliest of all crimes that got unnoticed by people but you know this all very well. Why did you do all this using me as a medium?

What pride and reputation shall I incur killing all my fellow men? Don’t say now they are weaker souls who failed to understand me. They are not fools. Do you know why they listen to or get influenced by me? It’s only because of their love and respect for me. And you want me to kill them all citing a very strange reason telling me they are not at the side of dharma?

What is dharma and what is adharma?
You have created this beautiful world. Do you want to see people suffering and more bloodshed. Why are you doing all this? Don’t you have an idea now how to bring this war to an end quickly without further destruction to our values and conscience?

You say it’s ‘adharma’ to move back from the war of righteousness. I am not giving up but you failed to choose the right person. What is my ‘dharma’ – to kill all my fellow men, their wishes and aspirations? Who am I to decide what is right or wrong when I myself is not the correct person. I am a sinner and you want me to fight this war?

I don’t want to live life of a cheater.
Some never understood my intended message and i could not get few more and their intention. This process caused a lot of harm to society.

It’s not only your parents and other family members who care for you.
We come across many in life who love us and care for us. I never understood this truth well how people sacrificed their own wishes and dream to build mine. Why did you do this to me? What lesson do you want to teach me?

I am tired now and seeking salvation. Please select another person to fight this war if you wish. Think about others before me. I have to suffer but enjoy my karmic cycle as I understand there is no route to escape. I can’t be ever happy making others unhappy. I can forgive myself killing a body please don’t use me to kill a soul anymore.

I have suffered a lot and it’s your turn now to take an action if you love me.

Wish you a very Happy New Year!


Thinking about points to write…

– understanding myself first
– caring your own self and others
– not to try too hard to change anything
– this world is beautiful and I need to play my role only
– no negligence in duty
– don’t kill a soul even by mistake
(It’s thought provoking as soul can’t be killed – a general perception. I will write my experience here.)
– Don’t stop living at any cost
– You must love your life first for a better living
– Practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis

More to come…


My Dear,

There is nothing personal in life. We are all connected by some thread we may not be aware of. My problem today can be yours tomorrow. So I must understand the eternal truth. We came to this world for a purpose. I must do as much good I can to myself and others in our society in this limited span of time. I am responsible for all my actions and expressions. I can’t execute myself well unless I understand the purpose.

When I am thinking about doing good I must understand first what are the bad elements I need to do away with. Have you ever felt like a criminal without committing a crime? If your answer is yes, I don’t have the outlook now to explain why you feel so. You may elaborate from your personal experience.

So, what is a crime? If I can understand this well, probably it will show me new direction to lead my life. It’s not about feeling guilty of oneself but more about righteousness.

It’s a general perception some act that goes against law is a crime. It’s not just a perception but a truth as mandated by our law makers. It’s required too for societal development. Actually, I was thinking in a different direction before I came to write about this.

Let’s do a self analysis on our understanding and ask ourselves few questions. Why is it so important to understand what is really meant by crime and what is the purpose of our judiciary? I really have no interest here to write a research paper on criminology. My objective is very simple. It’s to understand crime and criminals better before we start following a law. I don’t say law is not important but it’s more useful when we understand the purpose at a grassroots level.

Coming back to my previous questions what I understand the primary purpose of law is to prevent crime and never to punish offenders. If it’s true let’s see how we can achieve better results from a humane perspective. It’s only possible with true education and better self understanding.

There are many forms of crime in society. Can we accuse somebody as a criminal when the person does not understand her/his act as a crime. They might have a different perception what you see as a crime in society. The condition is worse where number of such people are more. Nothing more can be expected here without true and value driven education. Some basic education need to start from home at an early age.

There are crimes in our society that often get unnoticed or ignored. Domestic violence is one such example and mostly suppressed by family members successfully because of lack of enough coverage by our law. You may like to learn better by examples and I have learned a lot from movies. Damini is one such movie released in the 90s.

Neglecting one’s duty is also a crime. It’s even more critical when it comes to our society and our duty for people.

What is the biggest form of crime in your view and what is the best punishment? I am asking this keeping in view the primary purpose as we want to prevent crime.



Visible Now…

To be written later….

I can write now but have to decide first if it is suitable to publish here.


This article was originally thought to be written for a different purpose. At a later point of time some other thought struck my mind and I changed the context to serve another purpose.

I was thinking about what really happened and why so much discussion after the last match of India in the ongoing T20 world cup.
Let’s analyse our learning and focus on few issues before our next match against the Aussies.

I watched till end of the match and listened to media discussions following it. I too had a close look at conversations in social media like Facebook and twitter. It’s not astonishing to see a very unusual reaction among both Indian and bangla fans.

No doubt it was another exiting game of cricket where we had to wait for the result till the last ball was bowled. Dhoni kept his cool as usual to make sure it will not go for a tie followed by a super over as a match decider and the result is well known to us.

Dhoni is a highly matured and different captain now leading India unlike how I perceived him several years back. But why he lost his cool this time against media people. I heard somewhere he accused a journalist saying like… “you are not happy India won this match”. Quite frustrating on his part as if trying to avoid the original question. Probably that was not expected and the journalist had some different issue in mind.

Whatever be the case but it was quite certain he lost his cool and I am sure it was not without a good reason. On a positive side lets analyse how tolerant we are as cricket fans and how do we view a game. Do we know how to ask the right question?

Many felt like it was a disappointing loss for Bangladesh and not a deserving win for India. Why did India fight till the last ball? This thought caused a lot of worry about our current performance as we could not accept the truth whole heartedly. Isn’t this caused by our ego?

Why do we feel another team as inferior to us when they qualified for this world cup and has been playing international cricket for a fair amount of time now. I never felt them to be weaker at any part of the game be it their bowling attack or batting. Let’s accept the truth.

We need to think in the spirit of the game and applaud all who play well. We might be playing for a long time now and having several cups in our kitty. But does that guarantee our performance forever?

Let’s think. think.. think… and do our best improving on our own skills rather than accessing that of others…

Some life lessons as follows:-

That freaking last over was a neat set of life lessons. Here is how:

Bangladesh needs 12 runs in last over. Over a billion people are on edge with their —— on cusp of despair or joy.

1. Pandya goes for 2 fours in first 3 balls. At this point game is over for India. But Pandya still keeps his head to ball some what sensibly for last 3 balls.

Life Lesson 1- It is never lost untill you lose it. Even if defeat is staring at your face.

2 . Mushfiqur hits second four in last over and punches in air. Just 2 runs needed in 3 balls. So they have won he thinks. The Bangla dugout stands clapping. Wrong assumption.

Life Lesson 2- Never count your chickens untill they are hatched. Really hatched.

3. Two runs needed in last ball. A billion people watching are trembling with nerves. Dhoni remains cool showing no emotion. In the melee of last ball when bilion minds have raced to confusion, he has sense to not throw the ball and run the batsman out. He knows he has won , yet he doesnt jump into air or punches his fist.

Life Lesson 3- Equanimity and dispassion is key to master one’s mind. No excessive joy in good time and no excessive sorrow in unfavourable times is how one should live.

4. One freak hit and Bangladesh could have won. One run in last over and it could have been a tie. Anything was possible like a random chance at toss of dice.

Life Lesson 4: There is an overall seeming randomness in life. In end you lose some and you win some by an unknown roll of dice.

Share your thoughts in comments section..


I will share a nice story here from my personal experience. The title itself is quite compelling to think and write your own story. Do me a favour. You start writing yours. Share with me and your loved ones. Ask me anytime if you find it difficult to proceed further. It may help me learn from your experience and do something.

Devote yourself one hour everyday for writing and discover the magic. You will be surprised to discover yourself once more; many of your skills not so well known to you before.

Happy writing and keep enjoying what you do..

To be continued…


CH 2 – Wisdom is the Solution
Verses: 14-15 Equanimity is a great virtue

मात्रास्पर्शास्तु कौन्तेय,
शीतोष्णसुखदुःखदाः ।
तांस्तितिक्षस्व भारत ॥2.14॥
यं हि न व्यथयन्त्येते,
पुरुषं पुरुषर्षभ ।
समदुःखसुखं धीरं,
सोऽमृतत्वाय कल्पते ॥2.15॥
हे कुंतीपुत्र! सर्दी-गर्मी और सुख-दुःख को देने वाले इन्द्रिय और विषयों के संयोग तो उत्पत्ति-विनाशशील और अनित्य हैं, इसलिए हे भारत! उनको तू सहन कर ।
क्योंकि हे पुरुषश्रेष्ठ! दुःख-सुख को समान समझने वाले जिस धीर पुरुष को ये इन्द्रिय और विषयों के संयोग व्याकुल नहीं करते, वह मोक्ष के योग्य होता है ।
2.14 Oh Arjuna, pleasure and pain are like heat and cold, subject to arrival and departure. One must learn to tolerate the seasonal changes without being disturbed.
2.15 Oh Arjuna, the person who remains steady in both pleasure and pain, due to his wisdom, is certainly eligible for immortality.

The last verse gave a hint of what is this thing called the eternal essence. But since none of us have ever seen it, or experienced it, we would now like to know how can we make that happen. This verse gives us a preparatory step in that regard. It advises us to develop the capability of ‘तितिक्षा titiskha’, or brave endurance against joy and sorrow.

Let’s examine each aspect of this verse. The first part of this verse makes the assertion that contact with material objects, or more specifically, contact of our senses with material objects, causes us to experience heat and cold.

How does this work? The senses react to external stimuli and send an input signal to the mind. The mind processes these sensory inputs and labels some as “सुख joy” and some as “दुःख sorrow”. A hot coffee when it is freezing weather outside gives us joy, for sure. But the same cup of hot coffee in boiling hot summer will probably not give us joy, in fact it would probably give us sorrow.

More broadly, heat and cold in this verse represent polar opposites of stimuli received by all of our sense organs. If we take the organ of sight, then heat and cold represent beauty and ugliness. If we take the organ of touch, then heat and cold represent soft and hard.

Taking this even further, we can include words as well. If someone praises us, our ego-centred mind gets a boost, and we experience pleasure at that point. But if someone insults us, or criticizes us, our ego-centered mind feels threatened and we experience sorrow at that point.

So to summarize, our sense organs and our ego can get affected by external stimuli. But, instead of labelling each external stimulus as joy or sorrow, what if we remained steady through each of them? Instead of labelling these stimuli as “सुख joy” and “दुःख sorrow”, could we begin to label them differently?

Let’s say your boss gave you a mouthful of criticism after your sales presentation at work. His words came through your ears, the ears sent a signal to your mind, and the mind took this criticism and labelled it as “sorrowful” or “painful”. Instead, what would happen if we labelled this as something neutral e.g. “useful information”, and used it to improve our next presentation? And if the words were not really criticism, but were veiled or direct insults, what would happen if we labelled them as “irrelevant” or “noise” or “chatter”?

Now you may say, yes, that sounds good in theory, but how do we do it in practice? The second part of the verse gives a clue in this regard. It says that any contact with material objects is temporary, it will appear and then disappear, and it has a beginning and an end. Therefore, if we know that something has an end, why should we let it bother us? Or conversely, if we know that a pleasant situation has ended, if the child’s bubble has burst, why should we grieve about it?

Again, you may say that developing this तितिक्षा titiksha, this brave endurance, would still be difficult. Just like losing weight is not something that happens overnight, developing तितिक्षा titiksha will also not happen overnight. You need to follow a structured, disciplined technique to do so, and the Gita will go into this topic in depth.

So then, what is the benefit of developing this तितिक्षा titiksha? We shall see very soon.

(Note – Heat, cold, joy, sorrow etc. are termed as ” विकार Vikaara”. Vikaara means a temporary modification of some thing or some substance that is permanent.)

Most people who read this verse immediately zero in on the last part (अमृतत्वाय immortality) and quickly ask the question “will this mean that if I follow the teaching in this verse, I will never die?”. Immortality here does not refer to a state where our body never perishes, or a state where we go to heaven and enjoy its delights forever.

What is meant here is that life is a series of experiences that arise, exist temporarily, and perish. The person who knows the “trick” of staying BALANCED through these experiences will attain a state where they will transcend the push and pull of these experiences, and will eventually get to touch that changeless, eternal essence that came up in the earlier verses. One who does not get affected by agitation is called “धीर dheera”.

So how do we bring this down to our daily lives? Let’s first look at a simple question. Why do someone else’s agitations do not impact us? Because we do not associate our “I” with someone else’s agitations. Similarly, our “I” is also not associated with our body/mind/intellect related agitations and conditions. If there is a fragrance in the room, we do not say “I am fragrant”. Therefore, we should strive to keep the joyful or sorrowful condition from associating with the “I”. Instead of saying “I am sad”, we can say, “there is sadness”.

Furthermore, we have seen instances where people are ready to endure pain and sorrow when they attach themselves to a higher ideal. A parent will endure a lot of suffering so that he or she can educate the child. A freedom fighter will endure torture, or even die for the cause of the country’s freedom. This verse is asking us to become wise and aim for the highest possible ideal, that of the eternal essence.

We have been repeatedly hearing about the eternal essence in these verses. Can we get a deeper understanding?

(Footnotes: The word “समsama” contains the word “मा maa” meaning mother. The mother’s loving attitude towards her child is same regardless of how the child behaves or misbehaves. Her attitude is “sama” or even-keel.)


What is more important to you? Ethics, values or relationships. You may say all are equally important. But that’s not the case here. You need to choose one as they are in different directions and we can’t unite all.

Sounds harsh? Questioning yourself what kind of dilemma is this? It was like asking somebody whom do you love most your father or mother? Adults may not respond well but if you ask the same question to a baby, you may get an answer spontaneously as they speak from heart.

Here lies the difference – a human heart. A baby’s heart is quite different unlike adults as it’s not exposed to too many complexities of life. It needs to be protected as long as possible.

I am coming back to my previous question now. What to choose between ethics and relationships even when they are of equal priority but you don’t have a choice to pick all. Let’s remember here we develop relationships as per our values and ethics give protection to our long term values.

Have you got an answer? So ethics is the most important entity for a successful relationship, a successful enterprise and all you name it.

What’s going on in your mind now? Ethics at the cost of relationships as I said earlier they are going in different directions.

It’s very hard and difficult to imagine losing people in life. In the journey of life at one juncture I found myself isolated and abandoned not having a single support. No family or friends. The whole world moving in a different direction and you are standing far looking to move in the opposite direction?

Some people ask me what will you achieve doing all this when nobody with you. Some other say this person is too egoistic; leave him and let him die alone. He is a mad person trying to achieve the impossible and change this world alone against all odds.

The basic question is still there. What kind of society can we build at the cost if people. I can’t be a peoples person. Most ethical organisations have a people first culture. They focus on the need of their people first and don’t try to achieve quick results. That doesn’t mean they try to make profit and build people first culture at the cost of ethics.

They are always ready to sacrifice their personal needs in the interest of people. They provide enough space and the necessary room for change to create an environment where people can understand the need and drive themselves.
The difference between good companies and great companies lies in this room for change. They have great change agents working 24/7 to build people for a better society.

Not everything is in human control. There are certain aspects that need divine intervention and we can come to know it only at the right time as destined.

Let’s think what we can do to achieve a better and unidirectional sync between our ethics and relationships.

– First of all let’s forgive ourselves for all the accumulated bad deeds (karma) that was beyond our control.
– Above is most important as we can’t think positive and move forward unless we do this.
– Give proper attention to all your loved ones
– Don’t complicate small matters and make issue out of it.
– Educate yourself and all others in your community about social need. This will differ as per age and experience of people.
– Don’t cling on too much to your past. Let people know you because of your present. Leave your past behind and rediscover yourself.

Life is full of challenges but still beautiful to explore all it’s aspects. Think good, do good and you can do a lot of good to yourself, your family and the society at large. Love your life, live your life and enjoy this journey called life…

** This is an unfinished article. I will try to complete that with valuable reader inputs. Errors any may be ignored for the time being as I am writing all these on a mobile text editor these days.


Will come later…

Let me understand life little better. I think there is much more to explore and the process is not going to over soon.

Will compile and combine all thought as I experience life better.

You start thinking about your personal experience.

Happy reading and writing…


Wise don’t suffer. Root cause of all suffering is our desire and we experience all bitterness because of our unfulfilled desire.
It causes pain only when you run after material gain. It’s win+win for all when love is selfless.

There is nothing above love in this world. It can do miracles for our society if accompanied with values.

How do you evaluate others. Let them do the same for themselves. This is the only way for better introspection and it will help them discover their own self. This self discovery can reap great benefits to our society. It will help them do good for all as they are enabled champions now. They understand well the need.

Love should be your strength and never weakness. Desire only causes pain when it remains unfulfilled. Love can’t cause pain to anyone.

I am a great fan of Robin. He has been an instrumental inspiration to many. I used to read his books blogs and recently joined his social network at Facebook. You will find thousands of likes to his posts. It’s the power of people driven by his thoughts.

You need not be an extra ordinary human being. Anybody can do if your primary goal is to do good in social interest.

It’s a temporary phase that will pass away if you have failed to discover your happiness and love.

Just enjoy doing what your love to do. It will guide you in your journey of self discovery.

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