LALA LAJPAT RAI Emergence: 28 January 1865 Demise: 17 November 1928 Lala Lajpat Rai was an Indian freedom fighter. He played a pivotal role in the Indian Independence movement. He was popularly known as Punjab Kesari. He was one of the three Lal Bal Pal triumvirate. He was also associated with activities of Punjab NationalContinue reading “🙏 TRIBUTE TO PUNJAB KESARI 🙏”


GITA WISDOM # 33 असक्तिरनभिष्वङ्‍ग: पुत्रदारगृहादिषु।नित्यं च समचित्तत्वमिष्टानिष्टोपपत्तिषु॥ पुत्र, स्त्री, घर और धन आदि में आसक्ति का अभाव, ममता का न होना तथा प्रिय और अप्रिय की प्राप्ति में सदा ही चित्त का सम रहना॥9॥ Withdrawing from desire for possessions and family bondages, a manager with steadfast mind towards the worldly happenings (pleasant & unpleasant),Continue reading “DETACHMENT”


National Press Day – The 16th of November – is symbolic of a free and responsible press in India. This was the day on which the Press Council of India started functioning as a moral watchdog to ensure that not only did the press maintain the high standards expected from this powerful medium but alsoContinue reading “NATIONAL PRESS DAY”