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Hearts and Minds

Remember your childhood dream
Full of naïve innocent believes.
That foolish stubbornness
And that naughty mischief.
The confidence of conquering everything
And not knowing what failure means.
When every effort was genuine
And every pain was temporary
And when love alone could fix all things.

But slow and steadily time slips
And eventually you realized
These all are nothing
But just made believe
Those dreams shattered
When met with harsh reality.
And with time you laugh
On your sheer stupidity.

He was also like some childhood dream.
Beautiful, carefree and full of promises.
Too good to be true.
And a delight to remember
Once you outgrew.

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Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. This post is going to be short and (hopefully) sweet. Many writers and would-be authors around the world are knee-deep in NaNoWriMo.

While I chose not to take part this year, I have done it in the past. It’s not something you just decide to do. No matter if you’re a plotter or a panster, to succeed at this 50K word challenge, you have to plan and find the right balance to succeed.

NaNo aside, writers have to make time to write. Many of us hold full-time jobs. We have families. There are social events to attend. And unless you’re independently wealthy and can afford a house full of servants, there are a variety of household chores to do. Somewhere in all that, we need time to sleep. Is it any wonder we’re often lucky to have three or four hours per week…

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We plan, we always plan, wanting it to happen the way we want, accomplished like we wish it to be, always perfect, as we plan. Sometimes we even do planning to make a planning in advance. Hoping to, aspiring to, desiring it, aiming it, expecting it, yes, expectations, and here planning if expectations fail, planning if that longing got fulfilled. And our expectations do turn us more anxious and sometimes make us believe as if we don’t deserve it at all or might give us so much confidence, that handling it makes us zombies.

Running a blind race, we are running in a crowd yet alone, it is never-ending, and quitting is never an option. We have plan B if plan A fails, and alphabets till Z but sometimes we all do wonder, what is after that Z, what if everything turns out to be not we want. But…

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