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We were once all peaceful and pure, but what does being pure mean, and how did we act? Impurities are chains that bind, devil’s that make us vicious, and snakes that make us so senseless, it is as if we are asleep, ignorant, unconscious. Purity sets us free. It gives us the keys to knowledge, peace, happy, power and God.

Purity is so precious, so rare, so powerful, we have to die for it. We have to destroy the old self, the old vices that are so much a part of us. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego – to name five.

Purity’s light is such that we are not confined by boundaries of colour, sex, race, religious beliefs, etc but we can see far beyond and experience each and every human being as our brother. It’s might is such that fires of passion, anger and vices are extinguished and in its place pure cool love glows. It is right that we can come really close to God.



Relationships based on falsehood are like houses built with their foundations in mud.