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It may seem almost useless to talk about peace when all around us we see a continued state of ‘peacelessness’. It is this state that forces on us the necessity of finding our own source of peace to draw upon and live from.

Consider the flowers. They too live in this peaceless environment. They too have to endure the pollution and decay of the world of nature. Yet, wherever they found – by the congested road side, near the swamps, in the desert, amid the thorns and sometimes even on the dung hill – they are eternally beautiful, gay and fragrant. It is not by chance that flowers are given for every occasion, even the most sorrowful. Flowers call forth images of peace and tranquility. It is their nature.

We are also like flowers. We are the flowers of the garden of God. In this worldwide garden of everyday hustle and bustle, we too are threatened with pollution and degraded circumstances. Being flowers, we are expected to live in our natural state of peace and spread our fragrance all around us.

When we realise that the original nature of our soul is that of peace, we can combine with God who is the Ocean of Peace and so become the embodiment of peace…a living, thinking flower.



A Voice from Iran

“41st story”

First published: May.31.2018

There lived a very poor old couple.


One day, when they were sitting together the old lady said: “I wish you could buy me a comb, so I could comb my hair.


It is very hard to keep my long hair neat without combing it. It is very messy and doesn’t look good at all.”

The old man sighed loudly and replied: “My dear, I am so sorry that I was not able to buy you a comb. I don’t even have money to buy a wrist band for my watch. It’s been ripped for a long time.”


The old woman smiled and kept quiet.


That night the couple stayed silent for a long time and didn’t sleep well.

The next day after work the old man took his watch to several shops to sell.


Thrift stores rejected him and said that it didn’t worth…

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