Today we celebrate international literacy day and I have some thoughts on this day. There is significant difference between education and literacy I was thinking about. As per the meaning a person is literate who knows how to read and write. On the other hand a person may or may not be educated who is literate. By education we don’t mean degrees on papers but the entire system of upbringing that makes a person future ready. Education reflects in the behaviour and day to day activities of a person. An well educated person stands out in the crowd and can be easily recognised among masses.

International Literacy Day 2020 focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis”.

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6 thoughts on “ON LITERACY DAY!

  1. My grandmother had to leave school after second grade to care for younger siblings, but she had learned to read…and educated herself for the rest of her life. she was an amazing, accomplished woman with many grand daughters and great nieces named after her. Thank you, Debasis, for posting about National literacy day! 🙂 Take care! Cheryl

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    1. Happy to know about her accomplishments. Here, I convey my regards to your grandmother. My mother too not having many degrees on papers but she is a complete woman who brought up us all very well.

      Thank you for the comments.


  2. I am a reading specialist and this is so true. Students fight me, but being a good reader can change your life for the better. Either in obtaining necessary information or the ability to escape into a good story, reading is better for life.

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