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No creature smiles as much as a human,
Equipped with all the muscles for it;
We don’t waste them, few humans do—
Humans smile at anything, anything…

You could feel dark as night within,
But a human walks up to you, smiles…
You spread sunshine from the pits in you;
Most are fake, but does it ever matter?

We journey our lives with bags on our backs;
Packed with hate, jealousy, ambition, and worse,
We feel ready to face anything—bring it on!
Face anyone, anywhere; are we not humans?

Well, where did humanity go?
Did we forget her somewhere? Left her?
Did we ever have her? Was she an illusion?
A possibility for what is now impossible?

We slung more bags, on our backs,
Loaded with love, copies of them;
Plenty of distributions to make—
Things of free should be enjoyed!

“Do you feel different? Look different?
A path for…

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Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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