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2 thoughts on “THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ 08

  1. I read this excellent idea and immediately wonder how to apply it to climate change. So much of the process of immersing oneself in that particular problem involves grief and loss — whether it’s grief about all of the species we are losing here on planet earth or grief about the habits (being able to travel as much as one wants, being able to consume as much as one can afford, etc.) we need to give up — which we human beings tend to avoid/deny if possible. So how do we educate people about this problem while also addressing/respecting/supporting the grieving process which most people experience as they study/understand the challenges ahead?

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    1. You have raised an important point of concern on climate change and how to educate more people take responsibility of their actions.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here. It will show us direction to come up with more vibrant ideas.

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